The Lake

Running time – 20min
Premiere – 2012


‘The piece is visually strong and beautifully crafted.’
Lise Smith, Dance critic

When is ugliness actually beauty? When is darkness actually light? When is the cloud actually the silver lining? These are the questions asked by The Lake, a dark and twisted performance designed to alter perceptions, which features visceral and vivid scenes that are both attractive and repulsive.

Disturbing and haunting images suddenly provide enlightenment and redemption as AG explore the beauty in violence, pain and death. Powerful scenes unfold and characters’ motives and emotions develop to show how love can look like hate or how death can look like rebirth.

The Lake was commissioned as part of The Place Prize 2012


Choreography: Tony Adigun
Lighting Design: Anthony Hately
Dancers: Sara Gordon, Lisa Hood, Katie Webster, Adam Towndrow, Tim Chew


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